The Mindful Eating Challenge

✓ Have you dieted for years and years and not really seen results?

✓ Do you have battles with your body image and accepting you for YOU?

✓ Do you feel guilty when you eat and have pretty much given up on what is “RIGHT” to eat and doubt you will EVER CHANGE your eating?


What if it was possible to CHANGE?

Well, IT IS and it’s called mindful eating.

In essence mindfulness means “being present” and paying full attention to your thoughts, emotions and surroundings. With respect to food this means giving full awareness to our food. It’s the HOW, WHEN, WHY and WHERE we eat. Most importantly, it’s often NOT related to the WHAT we eat.

SOL Nutrition have re-launched their FREE 5 day Mindful Eating Challenge. It’s easy, managable and most importantly will introduce you to the world of Mindful Eating. Just a few minutes/day is all that is required. They will send you mindful eating tips (and even some homework) every day straight to your inbox. So if you are inquisitive about mindful eating, sign up and make your promise to take the Mindful Eating Challenge!