Custom Promise Campaign

Promise or Pay is offering you a unique opportunity to enable your employees to make positive behavioural changes, while creating a more engaging and empowering way of upholding the Corporate Social Responsibility of your organisation.

Promise or Pay is a cloud-based platform that motivates people to achieve their personal goals by sharing them with others and putting their money on the line for charity.

Lifestyle changes are hard, but positive change is possible within an enabling community. We put your people at the heart of everything we do by motivating and empowering them to improve their productivity and wellbeing, and to create a positive culture from the ground up.

At Promise or Pay, we believe that employee engagement programs should be designed with your community – not just for them. We will work alongside you to craft a ‘Custom Promise Campaign’ that is aligned with your core values and objectives of boosting staff morale and engagement, while creating positive social outcomes for your community.

Promise or Pay is a simple and engaging way of creating positive change by delivering a user experience that is impactful, social and fun. Together we can enhance the engagement, productivity and performance of your workforce, while simultaneously ensuring your organisation upholds its positive social and environmental impact.