Rough Threads


Rough Threads is a Sydney-based not-for-profit supporting disadvantaged communities through the provision of free goods and services and in doing so, creating social connectedness and belonging.


Rough Threads is a community development program which supports people who are suffering entrenched social exclusion and disadvantage.

The program, offered across NSW and the ACT, hosts free street festivals for those experiencing homelessness, victims of abuse, sufferers of addiction, refugees, asylum seekers, and people experiencing mental illness. Each event offers visitors the opportunity to meet with support services, access vital goods and connect to local community members. The events are hosted in a safe, welcoming environment and give visitors a way to connect to their community whilst providing them with the services that can move them out of disadvantage. Rough Threads events encourage social interaction, break down feelings of isolation and drive social connectedness for thousands of people each year.

Operating for five years, the program has connected thousands of people to vital support services and is growing every day.


It is only in the strengthening of our community that we can begin to alleviate the sense of loneliness and depression that can come with experiencing disadvantage and in turn improve the health, wellbeing and lives of thousands of Australians.