4 Sep 2016


Ommmmmmmm…Ha ha, just joking. This is a deadly serious post on meditating & why you should do it too. Basically, because it will change your life.

I totally rebelled against the concept of meditation for years. I am a ‘doer’ I hate being still, I like to be constantly moving. If I had a free half hour then it would be for an aggressive run, of course, RAAH! The thought of sitting still, focusing on ‘nothing’ bored me to tears, besides, there seemed something pretentious about the concept of a smug faced yogi ommmmming in peace and tranquility while the rest of us went about ‘doing’ our stuff.

OK, ok. Another case of MOI gets it so wrong (again)! I consider myself lucky in that due to the dramatic kundalini awakening I had, meditation instantly became something I HAD to do, daily. Once ‘awake’ there was simply no option for me to not fully embrace and crave a daily 30 minute meditation sessions which I guess…might be tad unusual! So assuming this isn’t the case for everyone, I’ll go through some of the things that could help you get started in a bit, but first:

How do I benefit from meditating? (this is for me personally, there’s LOADS of science behind why it’s good mentally, emotionally, physiologically etc, but you can Google those, it’s all there!)

  1. Stillness: Meditation helps me keep the stillness inside – when I am still within I am able to cope with the turbulence of having a child with chronic, serious health issues as well as everything else. I find that if I have to miss a day or two of mediation that stillness ebbs away and I find myself more prone to negative thought patterns.
  2. Positivity & Gratitude: So – going on from that, meditation helps to intensify my positive thought patterns – including the cultivation of gratitude, which, I believe then reaps positivity from the universe as part of the law of attraction. I have experienced intense moments of ‘rapture’ or bliss/ecstasy  while meditating – it really is totally wow-some.
  3. Soul Purpose: Meditation helps me learn more about my spiritual side – through meditative and trance like states I have been able to access memories and information about ‘who I (really) am’, where I’ve come from, where I’ve been and what I’m here to accomplish.
  4. Opens Communication Channels: Meditation opens me to input from my higher self/ spirit guides/ God/Source. It also puts me in the mindset for Automatic Writing.
  5. Develops Extrasensory Gifts: Meditation has helped me develop my ‘energetic gifts’ – those of you who are ‘awake’ will be aware that once you are aware of ‘energy’ you become more in tune with your sixth senses. These ‘psychic’ senses enable you to see/hear/feel a dimension that you were deaf and blind to before. (Blogs to come on ‘seeing energy’).

I was lucky in that the need to meditate forced it’s way into my life, but I know, from pre-awakening times, that not everyone may experience this radical incentive to meditate. As you know, I needed a radical turn around because I simply wouldn’t have ‘listened’ to anything less, my mind was quite happily slammed shut to the matter of spirituality. Thank goodness you all aren’t as adamantly closed minded as I was. So what about those of you who are way ahead of where I was – open minded and keen to start exploring the true nature of yourselves, developing your spiritual awareness, via meditation?

How you could Start Meditating;

  1. Use props – I find the almost ritualistic use of props can help to get you in the mood and mindset for mediating when the day is charging by and sitting in stillness seems absurd. The props I like to use are crystals (Duh! Of course, any opportunity to hold something sparkly, pretty, humming with delightful energy!). I like to either hold them in my hands, allowing their energy to travel up my arms or I sometimes hold my hands above them, really tuning in with their aura’s. Music that ‘speaks’ to you is another wonderful prop – I have a couple of pieces that I love so much, I can go into a deep ‘theta’ brain state within minutes of putting them on. Also, aromatherapy oils are another good starting point, Frankincense is a phenomenal oil and has been used in sacred rituals since ancient times for a reason! It is a great essential oil to use in meditation. Put a few drops in a carrier oil and rub over your hands and face, or diffuse – it literally smells…divine
  2. Get comfy. Sitting in the lotus with palms turned up isn’t always the most comfy meditation position (and who can do the full lotus?), so there is no pressure to look like a smug faced yogi. Because I know I won’t fall asleep, I often lie back on a bed by the window as the sun streams in. But yes, sometimes I do like to look a bit like a smug faced yogi too – by crossing my legs in a half hearted lotus attempt.
  3. Allow that your mind will chatter – focusing on ‘nothing’ is very difficult and will take a lot of practice. There are some days that my mind chatters the whole session,  and there are other days my conscious mind steps out of the room immediately. There are some days when I float in nothingness and others when I instantly start ‘seeing things’ and ‘going places’ in order to learn more about myself. Each meditation session is different. Practice and persistence pays off and I promise it will get easier and sooooo much more enjoyable. When I do have the ‘monkey mind’ in full swing I like to see my chatter as a carousel or merry-go-round, when a thought appears in my mind I visualise it spinning away from me on the carousel, then I try and walk a few steps away from it, acknowledging it’s there, yet not jumping onto a horse and going for a spin! With persistence you will experience amazing things when you meditate…more on that another time.
  4. Do it daily at a time that works for you. Even if it’s just for 5 or 10 minutes – make it a ritual, integral to your health and wellness, see it as importance as lunch, or breakfast. I promise you’ll soon begin to crave it as much as you crave food when you are hungry. For me, I’ve started a routine of doing it soon before school pick up – I find it stills and centres me for the busy afternoon and evening of ‘mummy-ing’ and the emotional highs and lows we face, hourly!

5. Lastly, here is a novel idea for those who really really want to start mediating but want an extra push or incentive to get there –

Promise or Pay  is an awesome intitave that helps you help yourself and helpsthe world at the same time! The Promise or Pay team say:

“It’s no secret that sticking to self-improvement commitments is difficult. But did you know that research shows the chance of achieving a goal increases 33% if it is shared with others and by 72% if money is put on the line? We’ve combined these two approaches to help you stick to your goals by making them public and using charitable giving as an incentive.

To maximise the impact of every dollar donated we have partnered with charities that are clear about their purpose, mission and values. We believe they use their resources wisely to effectively implement programs that have the ability to actually make a difference. We also want to give you the opportunity to choose from a number of charities working to combat a wide range of social issues.

Our vision is to inspire millions of people to be the best they can be and, at the same time, encourage and facilitate much needed donations for charity. We invite you to join us.”

With Promise or Pay, you follow this structure:

a. Make your promise, (so maybe: “I will meditate for 15 minutes every day for 4 weeks”)

b. You share your promise with your friends and family who will make a donation if you keep your word

c. You break your word, you contribute $50 to charity or,

d. You keep your words and your friends/family make their donation to charity.

The extra accountability involved with going public with your promises can help  those who really struggle with new and positive self-enhancement ‘get there’! We all know it’s sometimes easier to do things for others, rather than for ourselves. Naughty us! So I hope this initiative may help some of you who struggle with that. You are worthy of your time, effort and investment. 

I Want to Know…

I want to know how you think, feel about this. Do you want to start meditating? Why? Do you find it hard/easy? Do you think it sounds super boring, like I used to? If not, what is holding you back? Let’s chat about it! Please get in touch and let me know  your thoughts/how you go, I’d be so interested to hear from you! Oh, and if you go ahead and and use Promise or Pay to help you get started, let me know.

Love, Namaste and a big OMMMMM,

NN xx


Naomi Cook is a Registered Nurse and Writer in pursuit of health and wellness. Check out her blog Nurse Naomi