13 Jun 2016


It’s not uncommon to lose fitness and gain weight during the winter. It’s easy to be tempted to stay indoors, snuggling up in bed or on the couch because of the cold. If this sounds familiar, here are five tips from the Nutrition Inspector to help you stay healthy and active during the winter months.

Slurp More Soup

Lose weight and warm up this winter by making and eating healthy soup recipes, the ultimate hunger-killing meal. Soup packed with fiber, protein, and other ingredients will keep your belly full - and metabolism hot and supercharged - all winter long.

Get Hot

During the winter, we often opt to turn on the central heating system to get rid of the cold and thereby adding to our carbon footprint. Why not take an hour or two to save energy and do some exercise. Try Zumba by watching DVD’s borrowed from your family members or friends. You could even be using Xbox Kinect for playing Just Dance. Not only will you shed off some unwanted calories, you will also be saving on your electricity bill.

Mental Workout

You should always think about the kind of body that you want once the winter season is over. If you can allocate around five minutes of your time per day thinking about this scenario, or every time you are craving for some unhealthy foods, you can avoid the temptation of indulging yourself and make better eating decisions.

Stay Hydrated

Hunger can be triggered by dehydration. Always have a glass of water or hot tea on hand to maintain your fluid intake and avoid the temptation of eating when you’re not really hungry.


It is important that you do not skip meals throughout the day. Skipping meals is often seen as an attractive way to lose weight but this is the worst thing to do if you want to lose weight. It will probably make you feel hungrier and lead you to overeat at your next meal. If possible, eat five times a day in moderation.