10 Jun 2017


Depression has become one of the most prevalent problems in the modern generation. We call ourselves civilized, but we lack knowledge in knowing ourselves and combating depression.

According to ADAA, 6.7% of Americans suffer from depression every day

Why is that?

As usual in all the cases, 20% of the things you do in your life contribute to the 80% chances of you getting depression. Correct those 20% of your habits, get yourself depression-proof. It’s as simple as that.

It’s better to prevent something, rather than suffering from this zombie state of mind.

I’ll provide you some of the proven tips to prevent depression or any mental health problems occurring you in the future. Adopt them now instead of being sorry later in your life.

Consider Exercising or Cycling Everyday

Exercising everyday rewires your brain to handle stress and also prevent you from getting cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Consider running or working out regularly. I insist you to get a Gym membership than working alone. Because, the Gym tends to motivate you as there’ll be other people working out and music bumping on your ears.

If you do weight-lifting and muscle building workouts daily, consider including cardio workouts along with your power workouts. It’s worth it.

Cycling everyday in the open air regularly along with your spouse or even alone can help you a lot. On the other hand, you can also consider getting one of these exercise spin bikes to get the real cycling experience in the comforts of your home.

Nevertheless, I strongly suggest you getting a good bike and force yourself out of your closet.

Get Your Vitamin Levels Tested

Foods that we eat are purely designed for profit. They literally contain no nutrients and vitamins at all. Because, the soil where they are grown are poor and the way they are stored and processed gets them rid of all vital vitamins.

Added to this, the prescription drugs and other antibiotic medications, mugs out some of the crucial vitamins needed for your body. Especially the Magnesium and Vitamin D.

It is a well documented fact that Magnesium and Vitamin D deficiency cause mental health problems and weakens your immune system (causes Cancer).

No matter what you eat, if it’s processed, you can’t expect these nutrients and vitamins to nourish your body.

Test the vitamins in your body and consider supplementing yourself for better health and decreasing the risk of mental problems and Cancer in the future. The Vitamin D also helps in regaining your lost mojo back and increases energy levels in your body.

Get Yourself in the Sunlight for at Least 20 Minutes

It has been again and again reported that lack of Vitamin D is one of the major reasons for depression.

Up to 90% of US people are believed to be deficient with this vital Vitamin D. This deficiency causes increased risk of Cancer, autoimmune disorder, and also depression. The credit for this chaos goes to digital insanity that has robbed naturality from our daily life without us being consciously aware of it.

Humans are designed and wired to be natural. We are supposed to be in sunlight for at least 2-3 hours daily. But due to rapid modernization and corporates who encourage sedentary lifestyle, we are struggling to adapt to the rapid changes in the society.

Exposure to the natural sunlight at least for 20 minutes preferably during sunrise or sunset helps in enhancing feel-good hormones like Serotonin.

Consider testing your blood for Vitamin D deficiency, and consider supplementing yourself with 5000 IU everyday if you live in a country where sun does not show up regularly. If you take Vitamin D supplements daily, coupling it with Magnesium supplements will help you a lot. Because, Magnesium deficiency is also widespread and it is needed for the synthesis of Vitamin D.

Embrace Spirituality

I don’t care what spiritual beliefs you have. But as long as your belief is not empowering you from within, it’ll not serve you the purpose.

Regularly do read some self-development books, that resonate with your higher self. When you have some entity or god, to put your burden on, it’ll make you feel relaxed. The faith in God or Supreme Soul, gives purpose and sense of security in your life.

In this age of individualism, the depression and anxiety related problems are sky-rocketing. Because, the belief in God and social life is plummeting. This can’t be a correlation, this is a causation. You may consider joining a Yoga Class or a Meditation class that will feel you empowered from within.

When you meet and interact with like-minded individuals in the path of practicing spirituality, it tends to speed up your progress.

Keep a practice of meditating at least 20 minutes daily. It’s very helpful in controlling mood swings and help you feel grounded and under control. It also helps you develop kindness, which has many benefits spiritual and mental benefits.

Final words

These are some of the best things you can do now to prevent any psychological illnesses or other problems occurring to you in the future.

As always, prevention is better than being sorry. Regretting is never an option.


James Hood is a fitness trainer and an avid blogger at, from Detroit, Michigan. Apart from training, He also has an affinity to spread health consciousness, especially among the millennials. James is a business school dropout, driven to the fitness world by passion.