2 Nov 2018


The toughest thing (at least for me) about being a mum is trying to achieve my own goals. I still want to do as many things as before, but I suddenly find myself with a lot less time to achieve them. When you have a child, it’s easy to put yourself last.

For example, I know I promised I’d give you an update on how my ‘post-baby body journey’ was going, but I don’t really have much of an update for you. I go to the gym occasionally (two times a week if I’m lucky), but I’m really not focusing on that goal and giving it the same energy I once would have. While I know it’s natural, it’s also something that frustrates me, and makes me feel less like myself. I want to have the time to set goals, exercise, eat right, read, and the list goes on.

How do I fit all those things in, in addition to raising a child, working part-time and everything else? I think the solution is probably to create even more routine in my already scheduled life. To pre-prepare as much as possible, so that some healthy habits can simply be on autopilot.

So, if like me, you struggle with motivation and fitting everything in, the following might help:

Meal planning – I used to be a total pro at this. Yes, it takes time, but the idea is that it’s a lot of time up front to save you time in the long run. I plan to block out a 1.5 hour block each week to meal plan and order groceries online. Then I’ll rope my husband into doing all the cooking (he’s way better at it then I am)! If you’re not already into meal planning, definitely check it out.

Have a deadline – Regular readers will know I recently booked a holiday to Fiji. Naturally I want to look fabulous for all of that lazing by the pool I’ll be doing, so that’s my deadline. Your deadline might be a fun run, reunion or something else entirely. If you really want to give yourself extra motivation, check out Promise or Pay. You make a promise to donate money to charity if you don’t stick to a specific goal, or encourage others to donate to charity if you succeed. It’s a win-win situation!

Be specific, and write it down – I’m reading a book called The Life Plan at the moment (it’s excellent) that suggests putting a daily reminder in your phone calendar listing your core values, to ensure every choice you make is framed by these. I think this idea could work really well with your goals too. It’s so easy to forget about your goals when life gets in the way, but if you’re reminded of them each and every morning, you’re more likely to stick to them.

How do you motivate yourself? 

Mel is 32 and lives in Sydney with her husband Phil, daughter Lola, and cat Bunbury. She has an classic ‘Type A’ personality and am currently focused on trying to be the best mother, wife, daughter, sister, employee and friend she can be. Exhausting right? Realising she’s not the only one on a search for balance and fulfilment she shares her journey at The Well-Planned Wife.