16 Aug 2018


Are you really truly committed to your goal or are you just interested in achieving your dream? In case you didn’t know it there is a big difference between the two.

If you are just interested in achieving your goals then all that really means is that you may try to attain it but as soon as the first obstacle appears before you most likely you are going to give up and not do what it will take to overcome that obstacle and push forward.

However, if you are truly committed to achieving your goals then you are going to do whatever it takes to achieve it no matter how difficult it may become. You will continue your pursuit of your goal that you are after and not stop till you have succeeded no matter how long it may take.

This is where your determination will come into play. You must be able to keep your vision on the goal, to stay focus and committed because there will be distractions that will come your way.

When you are truly committed to accomplishing your goals there is energy around you that other people will sense. This is when you start to find people attracting to you like a magnet. People love being around winners and they are willing to assist you when they feel you are worth giving their time to you to help you achieve your goal.

I once heard someone say the richest place in the world are cemeteries because of the number of ideas, inventions, and other plans that went to the grave because the person was either too scared to go after their dreams or just not totally committed and gave up too easily to see it through to reality.

Remember you don’t have to get it right in the beginning, you just have to get it going because no matter how much planning you do there is always going to be something that will happen that was not expected so do not procrastinate in starting in trying to get it perfect.

So focus on the goal, make a commitment to achievement and live your dream!

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