11 Jan 2016


It’s that time of year again when everyone is starting to think about their New Years resolutions and set intentions for the coming 12 months. We’re all gearing up to kick start 2016 with big plans and a list of carefully thought out goals. Usually including something along the lines of ‘get fit and healthy’, ‘stop eating junk’ or ‘give up drinking’. All of the above are especially common after the party season and all the Christmas (over)indulging. In fact, I feel like I need to write a couple of those ones down myself.

As a general rule, I don’t really do the whole New Year resolutions thing. I think having goals to work towards is great, I even encourage it, but there’s just something about the idea of ‘resolutions’ that I don’t love. Maybe it’s because 99%* of the time (*not an actual statistic) they end up broken. It has almost become inevitable, accepted even, that new years resolutions are destined to fail. There’s never much longevity in them and people are pretty blaze about it when they don’t last. It’s expected really.

With ‘goals’ on the other hand, our attitudes are a little bit different. We are far more focused and motivated towards success. Achieving a goal is something to be proud of and when we don’t quite get there we can feel like we have let ourselves down. This is why I prefer to set intentions and make goals, not resolutions.

So in 2016 I intend to:

  • Exercise daily – I do exercise regularly but sometimes I can be a little lazy and make excuses not to workout. In 2016 I am going to find 30 minutes of activity every day. Even if it’s just a short walk on my rest days for active recovery. The only workout you ever regret is the one you didn’t do.
  • Start yoga once a week – I am not much of yoga person, preferring to get my heart rate up and sweat on in the gym instead. But I have developed quite a few niggling muscle and joint issues that I know will be helped with stretching, strengthening my core and increasing my flexibility. Time to get bendy!
  • Focus on my career and harness my creativity – 2016 is the year I will chase my dreams. I am determined get out of retail for good, follow my passion and start pursuing my creativity. I need a change and I am determined to make a career out of my writing. In fact, in January, I am heading over to bali for 4 weeks for a Travel Writing Internship with Global Hobo, which I believe will be a catalyst to bigger and better things.
  • Daily Gratitude – The more you express gratitude for the things you do have, the more things you have to feel grateful for. Every day I try to take the time to meditate on the things I am thankful for. From January 1st I will start a gratitude journal in which I will write down 5 things every day that I am grateful for.
  • Be the fittest and healthiest version of me – I say this every year and every year I feel like I fail on this one. Why? Because to be honest, it is pretty ambiguous. Like, what does that actually mean? The thing with goals is they need to be both specific and measurable for them to work. Think numbers. I have a body fat % I want to achieve and that is what I am aiming for in 2016.

So what are your intentions for 2016? And how are you going to stick it out?

If you are someone who struggles to stay committed to goals and new years resolutions, you might like the idea of Promise or Pay. Promise or Pay is an awesome little initiative where you make a promise to achieve a goal but if you don’t stick to it you pay money to charity. Your promise is made public on the website and people can also donate to charity on your behalf if you do achieve your goal. So its a win-win, AND it keeps you accountable.

The close of another year is also a time when we reflect on the past 12 months, the good, the not so good and the amazing! It’s an opportunity to think about all the things that we have achieved (or did not achieve), the challenges we faced, the people we met and the lessons we learned.

For me, looking back on 2015 makes my heart swell with gratitude and joy. I actually would go as far to say (and this is a big call), that 2015 was the best year of my life so far! Not because everything was perfect. It wasn’t ALL rainbows, sunshine and smiles. But even when I was faced with challenges I pulled through and found an inner strength I did not know I had. In life there are no mistakes, only lessons learnt and thats the approach I had towards any ‘wrong turns’, which were never wrong turns at all. They were part of my path for a reason and those reasons were valuable lessons.

I also met some of the greatest people this year, in circumstances I never could have foreseen. People I now cannot imagine my life without. Including my soul sister and someone I now consider one of my best friends. (You know who you are). Someone who is equally as awkward and dorky as me, but also has a heart of gold and so much love to give. Someone who has brought out a part of me that I feel has been hiding and just waiting to escape up until this point and I am so thankful for that. Someone who I have the most intense, deep, spiritual and emotional conversations with one second, and then we will be belly laughing on the floor the next.

I really came to genuinely and wholeheartedly love myself this year. I have become accepting of the person I am and have no concerns of what people think of me anymore. I cannot even begin to express how elevating this is. To be so content and happy with the person I am has only strengthen me and helped me to grow further.

I put a lot of faith in the universe this year, trusting in the timing of my life and guess what, things really did seem to fall into place seamlessly. I know that things can only get better and better from here and I am so thankful to have had the best year of my life in 2015.

Cheers to the New Year! I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings.

Love Eloise xx


Eloise is a blogger and freelance writer passionate about all things health, fitness and positive wellbeing. With a journalism degree, nutrition studies and Certificate III in Fitness under her belt, alongside a genuine love for writing, it is Eloise’s purpose to inspire, motivate and educate people on living their best possible life. This article was first published on One Active Life, a space in which Eloise can let her ever-growing love for active living and positive thinking spill out. The philosophy behind the One Active Life motto, ‘Active Body, Active Mind, Active World’ is based on Eloise’s belief that the three must work in harmony with one another to establish a healthy and balanced life. Instagram | Facebook