5 Dec 2018


Negative emotions can affect your day, your mood and your entire life. One negative emotion can be so powerful that it affects your entire mood, the way you speak and how you treat others. This will then be magnified with how your environment acts and reacts around you. It’s a domino effect that can alter your personal life physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

The best thing you can do is to cut the weed before it grows. Eliminate negative emotions entirely before it starts affecting your life. Here are 7 ways to help you eliminate negative emotions.

  1. Recognise the Power of Emotions

Our emotions are a powerful aspect of ourselves as a whole. Emotions affect our entire being, physically, mentally and spiritually. We feel emotions and it resonates in ourselves, how we act, how we eat and how we live our lives. Keep in mind that your emotions have the power to control you, and it is important that you keep a positive outlook.

  1. Emotions Doesn’t Always Represent the Truth

Though powerful enough to control our entire being, keep in mind that our emotions do not always represent the truth. This is because our emotions are the easiest to be influenced in our entire being. Situations, people, and environmental triggers have the capacity to control our emotions. Remember that although it is easily influenced, you can also control your emotions by focusing on positive things in life.

  1. Avoid Toxic People

Toxic people have a strong influence in our emotions. Sometimes, we do not even notice that they have fully infiltrated our minds with negative thoughts and we may think that it is normal. Learn to identify the toxic people in your life. Either you call out their attention or you can avoid them for good. Remember that it’s your emotional wellbeing on the line.

  1. Ask for Support

When the negative emotions can be too overwhelming and difficult to control, remember that you have family and friends to support you. Seek help from them. Talk to them and let them know that you need help. You have people around you who will be willing to give you a helping hand.

  1. Use Words as a Tool to Feel Better

Words have the power to control our emotions. Whether we hear words from others or we speak it to ourselves, words can make or break our emotions. Use words to help yourself feel better. Talk to people who share positivity. Use and say positive words to drive positivity in your emotions.

  1. Take Care of Your Physical Needs

Your physical wellbeing has an effect on your emotional wellbeing. Your physical health, whether in a good or not so good state, can affect how you feel emotionally. When you are sick or have an illness, you may feel down and negative that can affect your entire emotional health.

  1. Parting Words on Negative Emotions

Say goodbye entirely to negative emotions. Remember that your thoughts are something you can control and this is where most negative emotions start. When you start having negative thoughts, eliminate them immediately by thinking of positive and happy thoughts. Your emotions are something you can fully control. Therefore, you can really say no to negative emotions.

Life is a balance of all aspects and having negative emotions is just normal. How you act and react to your negative emotions is where we all differ. Some of us may feed on the negative emotions which can have negative implications in our lives. Some of us will choose the higher ground, eliminate these negative emotions and stay positive in our lives. Always choose the latter.


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