28 Mar 2015


It’s no secret that most of us love a little sugar here and there. I mean, things like black coffee and sugar-free cookies just don’t do much for us in terms of food fulfillment. Sure, we tend to like sugar, but according to health experts, sugar is just not good for us and in fact, too much sugar is harmful to the our health. 

Where is refined sugar hiding?

Refined sugar is found in a plethora of food items, including cakes, drinks like soda, sweet tea, sports drinks, and fruit juices, and processed foods. In fact, energy drinks contain very large amounts of refined sugar. The main problem with processed sugar is the fact that it has a very high concentration of sugar with little nutritional value.

Benefits of kicking your sugar habit

Perhaps it’s time to rid yourself of sugar. Kick the habit. Do a sugar detox and don’t go back. After all, there are some wonderful benefits of kicking your sugar habit to the curb. Here are 7:

1. Drop some weight

Yes, when you give up consuming sugar, you’re more apt to lose some weight. You might not be aware of just how many calories you’re consuming each day when you eat foods packed with sugar. Weight loss might not be your ultimate goal with detoxing from sugar, but it can certainly occur.

2. Better complexion

Want a better complexion? Cutting out sugar will help your skin look more vibrant and healthy. You may also experience less breakouts. Sugar tends to dehydrate cells, which can lead to unhealthy looking skin, so when you kick your sugar habit, you’ll be thrilled with the way you skin begins to perk up and clear up!

3. More energy

You may think that sugar gives you more energy, but it actually puts you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. When you eat sugar, your blood sugar levels increase and that might make you feel energetic, but later they fall and the result can be you feeling sluggish and needing a nap. Cut out your sugar intake and your moods will be more stable and you’ll simply have more balanced energy.

4. Stronger teeth

Giving up sugar will reduce plaque buildup on your teeth, which will reduce the amount of cavities, which will reduce the number of dentist visits. Who wouldn’t enjoy that benefit?

5. Less stress and anxiety

Sugar does not necessarily cause you to experience stress and anxiety, but if you’re already experiencing these, it can add intensity to the symptoms. Those who eat high amounts of sugar can experience weakened immune systems, which can make it tougher to contend with chronic anxiety or stress. When you cut your sugar habit, you’re more apt to enjoy better mental clarity, which will help you cope with stress better.

6. More brain power

Excess sugar has been known to affect your cognitive abilities like learning and remembering information. When you kick your sugar habit, your cognitive abilities ought to be just fine.

7. Improved digestion

Many foods affect the digestive system negatively, with sugar being a main culprit. Sugar can cause inflammation in the stomach and it isn’t always digested appropriately. If you cut sugar from your diet, your stomach will thank you greatly and you’ll experience better digestion all the way around.

It’s no secret that consuming refined sugar can lead to an unhealthy body, so make a decision today to kick your sugar habit once and for all and begin enjoying the many benefits associated with such. Begin learning how you can substitute healthy sugars for unhealthy sugars. It might not be easy, but the results will certainly be worth it. Give your body the treat it’s really after and make a promise to do The Sugar-Free Challenge. You’ll feel so much better and your body will thank you for your efforts. And go into the draw to win a nutrition, fitness and lifestyle assessment with Ironmum Karla Gilbert (valued at $300)!

Start cutting down on your sugar intake daily and before you know it, you’ll be sugar free and start feeling pretty amazing. And that’s what we all really want anyway, right? To feel amazing!