15 Jan 2017


Another year has passed and you’re off to say hello to a new one. You may be attached to memories you left from the year that was, but it’s time to move on and welcome another year. This also means time to get down and back to business – the healthy business, that is.

After you chewed and swallowed the last roast chicken on the dinner table and finished the last drop of champagne, make sure you get back to the healthy habit with these eating and drinking ideas:

Get More Sleep

There is a reason why you need to sleep at least six to eight hours every night. If you’ve been getting less for the past decades of your life, this is the right time to hit the snooze button as much as you can.

Sleep is essential to help your body recharge and replenish energy levels. It is also a great time to give yourself some rest to energize you the following day. It is also crucial for consolidation or the process of strengthening memories. Otherwise, lack of sleep may lead to type 2 diabetes and obesity since it triggers unhealthy eating to keep you going.

Establish good sleeping habits by getting up and sleeping at the same time every day and helping your body prepare for its visit to dreamland. This will make you less cranky too.

Walk More

Apart from sleep, physical exercises are also vital in keeping you healthy. It keeps your heart pumping, helps you burn excess pounds – and the calories you gained during the holidays – and boosts your health. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to jumpstart the healthy habit, go for a walk.

Riding a cab or a bus is convenient, but if your destination is few blocks away or within the reasonable distance, then consider walking. Walk your way to work, your favorite bakery, or walk around the park during weekends as part of your new healthy habits. The more you move around, the healthier you will be.

The best part is you might be surprised with how much you can save when you forego Uber, cab, or bringing your own car.

Pile on Vegetables

When it comes to healthy eating, vegetables will always be part of the list. In fact, a list will never be complete without it because veggies truly deserve a spot. Since it’s a new year, you might want to consider establishing a better relationship with your greens, yellows, and oranges.

Apparently, most Americans don’t eat the recommended three or more servings of vegetables every day. This can be problematic since vegetables contain the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to keep you healthy and going. Plus, you don’t have to worry about packing too much weight since veggies are weight-friendly.

Here’s good news for you: there are ways to make eating vegetables more exciting and encouraging. In case of taste is your concern, using a food processor or roasting vegetables can make them extra tasty while keeping nutritional contents intact. Roasting your veggies also caramelizes the natural sugars to make them taste better.

Don’t forget to pair them with your favorite dishes to keep your meal balanced.

Quit Smoking and Cut Back on Alcohol

Lifestyle habits can be categorized into two: good or bad. In case you love to drink or smoke, then these habits must be stopped as soon as possible, especially if you want a healthier you.

Start with alcohol. A glass of wine may be good for your health, thanks to its resveratrol content. If you had too much, alcohol can negatively impact your brain’s neurotransmitters and increase your chances of memory loss or depression.

This is similar to smoking, although the effects of nicotine in your body are more serious. This could even lead to lung cancer or even death – and you don’t want that to happen.

Drinking and smoking are habits that are hard to break. If you are looking for a motivation to quit, envision how much money you can save. The same goes with making your own coffee in a coffee maker instead of buying one every day.

Focus on Your Mental Health and Well-Being

You might think that health is just about eating healthy and working out regularly. Apparently, these are just half of the equation. If you are serious about your health, you need to focus on your mental health and overall wellbeing too.

How can you do this?

Get past the physical and look into your mental and emotional self too. More than losing the weight you gained over the year, say goodbye to stress and negativity in your life too. Stay in touch with your friends, consider volunteer work to help others, learn something new, or even pack your suitcase and travel. Prioritize yourself and be positive. You will be able to attract better things too.

So, are you ready to become healthy permanently? 

Make your promise today!