13 Mar 2015


During the journey towards your health goal, the time will come when you somehow get off track. Maybe it’s a friend’s birthday party, a bag of chips found in the back of the cabinet, or that sweet ‘reward’ you think you deserve. Consider that this falling off track is part of being human don’t chastise yourself too much! Quickly get back on track with your commitment.

It’s essential to reboot your body after food indulgences because often the food consumed contains harmful chemicals that are designed to keep you eating them. These additives and preservatives are the reasons why many are addicted to their food choices in the first place. Rebooting your body allows your cells to get back on track because they are detoxified of these toxins. Once the residual toxins from your ‘binge’ are removed from the cells, there will be no desire to continue the cheating.

Here are three ways to reboot your cells after bad foods:

Raw Vegetables Every Day for a Week

Vegetables quickly reboot your cells because they are detoxifying in and of themselves, plus they are providing you with nutrients you need to recharge. Your raw vegetable bowl should be great and contain more than lettuce and a cherry tomato. Add at least five different ingredients and include kale, spinach, romaine lettuce or swiss chard as two of them. You’ll notice an immediate burst of energy with the salad – in 24 hours.

Colon and Liver Cleanse

Foods are processed in your colon and liver so cleansing these organs will remove the toxins causing you to cheat. A simple cleanse may be aloe vera juice drunk daily in small amounts with every meal and in between meals. A more extensive cleanse may be herbal combinations to cleanse these two organs. These are widely available on the market at your health food store. With these cleanses, you take a few capsules of the herbs two to three times daily as directed. Stay on the cleanse for at least a week, and if you notice you are feeling exceptionally good, you might extend it to a month. This way you can do the deep cleansing that is necessary for optimal health.

Adaptogen Tea Twice Daily for A Week

A cup of Shizandra tea does wonders for women as an adaptogen. A cup of maca tea daily does wonders for men as an adaptogen. The purpose of an adaptogen is to restore harmony to the body. It decreases your stress levels and helps rebalance the nervous system. These teas are widely available at health food stores.

Rebooting your body also should be done if you suffer from an injury during your workouts. In this case, your rebooting refers to totally immersing your cells in foods that are so high in nutrients and restoration power that your cells can’t help but recover.

Here are two types of foods that will reboot your cells after an injury:


Superfoods are ones so high in nutrients that they make other foods look like nutritional midgets. Berries are great superfoods. Chlorella, wheat grass juice, barley greens and green drink mixes are superfoods. Liver is a superfood but it must be the animals must not have been given any antibiotics and must have eaten hormone-free natural diets. Incorporate at least one of these types of foods in your diet daily and you’ll reboot your body after an injury. Strive for two servings a day.


Restoration in the body depends on antioxidants. The antioxidant system is complicated but its purpose is to allow you to overcome large numbers of free radicals induced by wrong fat foods, injury, inflammation, and nutrient deficiencies. The top antioxidants are vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

All of these are necessary and usually found balanced in a multi-vitamin formula, which you should be able to pick up from your local pharmacy or supermarket. Of course, you’ll always want to eat foods high in these nutrients such as fish oil, citrus fruits and avocados, but the reality is that to reboot after an injury, you need supplements. Dosages can start at 5000 IU vitamin A, 1000 mg vitamin C and 400 IU vitamin E.

You’ll be amazed at how your body reboots using these principles.

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